Directory of fleeces for sale - Local and National

This project has been working with Dorset fleeces and we have discovered that they felt beautifully although naturally they take a little longer to felt than Merino. 
So I am starting this page to promote the use of local fleece as it is much more sustainable than importing merino fleece from New Zealand and by buying local we are supporting our farmers.

Ruth Kirby,
Pigeon House Farm, 
Cokers Frome,
Dorchester. DT2 76SD
They have Poll Dorset, Lleyn fleeces for sale

Francis Fook
Manor Farm,
North Poorton,

Tamarisk Farm,West Bexington,
Dorset. DT2 9DF
 01308 897781
Hebrideans, Dorset Downs ....

Richard & Robert Hole
The Sherborne Flock
Hillstreet Farm

01963 23263
Richard Hole Mobile: 
07791 842 791
Robert Hole Mobile:
 07813 975 050

Rampisham Hill Farm
Telephone us on:
(01308) 862469
07500 508080

RAW FLEECE prices from only £5 per fleece
Dorset Down Shearling £7.50
Poll Dorset Shearling £7.50
Dorset Down Ewe £5
Poll Dorset Ewe £5
Exmoor Horn Ewe £6
Dorset Down Ewe Lamb £5 (very short staple)

Eweleaze Farm
01305 833690
07812 736896

Contact Michelle Jones
Tel: 01297 561072

The following national suppliers is on the Handspinner website at

Well Manor Farm
Well Manor Farm is a small farm on the Surrey Hampshire borders and specialises in producing top quality fibre. They have one of the largest flocks of gotland sheep in the UK along with a shetland flock and an ever increasing Pygora herd.
The gotland is all sheared at Christmas for ultimate quality along with the shetland and shetland x gotland. Our Pygora herd is in its fourth year and produces some outstanding fibre, not for the beginner maybe but beautiful when spun well.
The gotland x shetland has kept the lustre of the gotland but with the lightness of the shetland, beautifully soft and something different for handspinners.
This year, for the first time, they have had enough fibre to offered commercially washed and prepared tops. Along with the fibre we are producing hand dyed yarns for knitting and weaving.
For more information on availability and even to buy, please visit

Whitefaced Woodlands

Peter Harkness is offering fleeces from the 2013 shearing of his Whitefaced Woodland sheep.

A finer wool than most hill breeds due to the addition of merino blood in the 18th century. Bradford count of 44-50 and staple length around 15cm. Pleasant to spin and takes dye well. 
Skirted but containing some VM.
Now offering fleece by courier delivery to most of the UK, collection strictly by appointment only.
For prices, availability or to buy, please contact

Tweeside Jacobs
A flock of Jacob sheep and a small flock of Gotlands as well as Jacob x Texel. We are situated in Roxburghshire in the Scottish Borders and are happy for people locally to come to us to pick a fleece or we can post as well as provide samples or a photo of fleeces. Our contact details are:
email: Rachel on

Rozendaal Flock
Kaat Deceuninck's Rozendaal Flock comprises registered pedigree Ile-de-France sheep. The breed is 75% Rambouillet merino and 25% Dishley Leicester. The development of the breed began in France in 1832 till 1900 and the Flock Book was started in 1922. They have stunningly good fine wool all over their body.
Kaat runs her organic farm with part time help from from her husband. They cultivate all the food for the sheep themselves.
They treat their animals with respect and kindness at all times and are trying to give them the best possible lives.
The organic fleeces can be reserved on a first come first served basis. In Belgium but happy to ship worldwide.
For more information or to buy, please contact

Pedwardine Gotlands
Amanda and Barry have a flock of British Gotland and Gotland x Teeswater.
They have raw lamb, yearling, and ewe fleece available in whatever quantity you would like from 100g samples to the whole fleece.
postage charged at cost using a door-to-door courier which is priced very reasonably.
For more information or to buy, please visit

Oxford Oxford Cross
12 fleeces free for collection in Husbands Bosworth, Leics. Mainly Oxford Oxford cross fleece and a couple of mixed breed sheep.
some are shearling fleeces and also a ram and a few older ewes fleeces too.
For more information call Danielle on 07717467908

New Forest Boreray
Linda has a small but growing flock of rare breed Boreray sheep and has fleece available to post or can be picked up if local.
Fleeces available in the Spring, but contact Linda now if you'd like to leave your details.
For more information see her facebook page or call 07710 109380

Manx Loaghtan
Bartley Mill Farm is an organic farm, so the wool is certified organic by the Soil Association.
Lamberhurst KENT
For more information contact Juanita on 01892 891020 or 07588 963396 or see

Lleyn fleeces
Rosa Suarez has a large number of Lleyn fleeces for sale.
Can post fleeces - cost to be covered by the purchaser. If close then it may be possible to deliver.
For more information or to buy, please visit

Grange Court Park
Have just had two Alpacas shawn and have 2 lovely large warm fleeces for sale - a medium fawn and a darker fawn fleece.

Goetre Bach Farm
Roz Tartaglia has fleeces for sale, mainly Jacob, some Badger-faced.
Would prefer collection but may consider postage
Goetre Bach Farm, near Ammanford, S Wales, 01792 865 307

Zwartbles fleeces from Norfolk
Keith of Friend's Farm in Norfolk has contacted me to say that he has a dozen zwartbles fleeces for sale.

Zwartbles fleece is inky-black (fading through to sun-bleached brown at the tips) it has a good staple and is wonderful for spinning. I can really vouch for the breed as I'm using zwartbles one of my current projects and it really is good stuff.
For more information or to buy, please visit call 01986 788081 / 07793584186 or email

Shetland and Shetland cross from Feathers and Fleeces
We have a dozen pure pedigree "Pet Shetland Sheep" and a Merino x Shetland all with wonderful fleeces of all colours, we like to sell our fleeces to spinners as they are such good quality. We sell our fleeces the natural way, whole just as they come off the sheep bagged and sent direct to the door. We live in the north of Scotland so they have a wonderful life just eating grass all day!
For more information or to buy, please visit call Kathy on 01771 644908 or email

Cathilas Farm Soay
Karen & Richard keep a small flock of Soay sheep. Fleeces come in either tan and dark brown.
They are in Carmarthenshire and are happy for people locally to come to pick a fleece or can post at cost.
Contact details are: phone: 01558 685096 email:

Bowmonts 'n Dorsets
"I call my little business 'Bowmonts 'n Dorsets' as I keep both breeds. (I'm 'Bowmontmad' on Ravelry.) I also have Bowmont x Dorset fleeces and one Merino each year (from my Merino ram) and I can source pure Merino.
"The Bowmont x Dorsets have been very popular this year, I think its something to do with a fine wool with a slightly longer staple than the pure Bowmont. The Merino ram lamb will hopefully improve the micron count of my Bowmonts.
"I prefer contact by email I post the fleeces out once I receive payment which can be Paypal, cheque or bank transfer and I sell by the weight rather than the fleece. Buyers are more than welcome to come and collect their fleece and have a look at what I have here too."

Blue Faced Leicester
We are Bluefaced Leicester breeders from Northumberland who have some newly shorn fleeces for sale. The quality of the fleece has been admired by handspinners. We sell the raw fleece (skirted) for £12 per kilo. A full fleece usually weighs approx. 1.5 kilos.
phone 01434 230210 or email:

Black Welsh Mountain
We have a registered flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep with around 12 breeding ewes and 2 rams, plus lambs. They have a wonderful view overlooking the sea and rolling Devon countryside. The breed average produces a staple length of 8-10cm, with a bradford count of 48-56 or 35-28 microns and a whole fleece would normally weigh 1.25-1.5kg before sorting.
We have a small number of ewe fleeces available which I have roughly sorted into 1st and britch quality. They are a very dark chocolate brown/black colour, the tips of the staples having been naturally bleached in the sun. They can be purchased whole or in smaller batches for felt projects. Visitors in person welcome to see first before buying.
For more information or to buy, please contact or 07775 501198.

Beilidu Manx Loaghtan
The Beilidu flock is made up of rare breed Manx Loaghtan sheep, bred mainly for their fleeces. The flock has been established for over 25 years just outside Sennybridge near Brecon in mid-Wales. Each year, Linda displays fleeces at WonderWool Wales at the Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells (this year Apr 28/29).
The Beilidu website offers fleece from the flock in various forms - from raw fleece through rovings and carded batts to finished yarns.
Linda Scott is a hand-spinner and member of the Brecknock Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers.
For more information or to buy, please visit or email

The following information was found on The Wool Directory


t: 01334 840303    m: 07712 017 998
Fofanny, Buxworth, High Peak Derbyshire SK23 7NS  &  Blackwalls Farm, Peat Inn, CUPAR, Fife, KY15 5LG
Products: ShetlandJacob, Bluefaced Leicester and many others.
The Villa, Itchington, Alveston, Bristol. BS35 3TQ
t: 0117 9345094   m: 07583694140
Sheep: Small flock of 36 ewes and lambs with 1 x Hampshire Down ram. Mainly Suffolk,Charollais and Hampshire Down breeds with a couple of Ryelands.
Products: All white fleeces. This year I will be shearing 17 of the adult sheep, including 3 x shearlings. Sheep are to be sheared on 5th June 2013 and all fleeces are available after this date for collection only. All fleeces are raw, unwashed and undipped. Very good quality fleece for variety of uses.
HEALE FARM - Dawn Wainwright
Heale Farm, Lifton Down, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9QX
t: 07974188821
Products: I have lambs wool for sale Shetland x Blueface LeicesterBlackwelsh x BluefaceCheviotBadgerface Welsh and Charolais cross. I also have some ewes fleeces available still: HebridianShetlandBlack WelshWhite WelshCheviot and Texel
Lawrence Weston Community Farm, Saltmarsh Drive, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, BS11 0NJ
t: 0117 9381128 
Sheep: A small flock including JacobHerdwick and Dartmoor sheep.
Wool fibre workshops through the year, shearing/wool event May/June 2014. Contact us for details nearer the time.
19 Aspen Grove, Earby. Barnoldswick. BB18 6LS
m: 07955 660508 
Sheep: We have Herdwicks, Jacobs, Ryeland and Texel X's. We are a family run small holding on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire, breeding free range pigs, chickens, goats and sheep. 
 We generally shear the sheep in April/May of which the white fleeces go to the wool board, but if you are wanting them we will keep the best back. At present we have about 6 fleeces off Jacobs and Herdwicks available. All fleeces are in their raw state, unwashed and undipped/unsprayed. We have a herd of about 40 breeding ewes and lambs and selling their fleeces to wool producers is a new venture for us.
We also provide free range pork products, chicken and duck eggs and lamb. Please take a look at our website for all the details or email me.
MEADS FARM (W.H. & A. Willcocks) -Ann Willcocks
Meads Farm, Harford, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 0JQ
t: 01752 892312
Sheep: We are family run farm situated on the edge of Dartmoor with a passion for sheep. Our son has JacobsExmoors and North Country Cheviot, whilst we have Greyface DartmoorHerdwickBadger Faced Welsh (Torwen and Torduu), SuffolkBlueface LeicesterKerry HillSwaledale and Scotch Blackface! We shear the Jacobs in January and then they stay in the warm shed until the end of February when they can be turned out  to grass      with their lambs.
Products: If you are interested in any fleeces let me know and I will keep the best back for you, the main shearing is from May onwards, weather dependant!  Have a look at our website for further information.
Oakbrook Farm, Staple Cross, Hockworthy, Devon, TA21 0NH
t: 07837730335
Sheep: We have a flock of pedigree Shetland sheep (grey moorit, fawn, katmoget, moorit and black), Black Welsh MountainWhite Faced Dartmoor, and Icelandic (grey and pale moorit mouflon). 
 We have several fleeces (some with unusual shading) from 2012.
SCOTTISH WOOL - Robin McEwen-King
Middletown Farm, Nemphlar, Lanark, ML11 9JD
Sheep: Breeders of top quality Shetland and Ryeland Sheep consistently producing highly regarded prizewinning fleeces.
Products: Fleeces from Ryeland, Shetland, Polwarth and crosses. White fleeces plus coloured from Shetland (black and grey) and Polwarth (grey and brown shades). All fleeces are hand sheared and selected for hand spinners. Available from June (at and after the Royal Highland Show) including all competition fleeces. We sell to hand spinners directly locally and at the Broughton Gathering of Scottish Guilds in August. Please contact us via email initially.
Wallon Farm, Drewsteignton, Exeter, EX6 6PZ
t: 01647 272767    m: 07730 982834
Products: Naturally coloured wool spun and woven in the UK from our flock of Jacob, coloured crossbred and pedigree Bluefaced Leicester sheep.
Near Melrose, Scottish Borders
t: 07765440648
Sheep: We are breeders of pedigree Jacob and Gotland sheep based in the beautiful Scottish Borders. 
 We have Jacob first shear lamb fleeces available in January and May and first shear     Gotland lamb and ewe fleeces available in May and October yearly. Our fleeces have had excellent feedback from spinners and felters. We won the Wool Cup in 2013 at the Jacob Sheep Society Scottish Region Show and Sale with a homebred ewe lamb. We are able to post fleeces out and visitors welcome to visit our flock to choose a fleece on the hoof.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain
SOUTH YEO FARM WEST - Debbie Kingsley
South Yeo Farm West, Northlew, Okehampton, Devon EX20 3PS
t: 01837 810569
Sheep: Our 108 acre farm is in Higher Level Stewardship and we breed pedigree Welsh Mountain Badger Face, both the Torwen (black with white belly) and Torddu (white with black belly), and Whiteface Dartmoor sheep.
Fleeces: The Torwen fleeces are black/chocolate brown and the Torddu are predominantly creamy white/light beige with some black/grey, and all fleeces are raw, unwashed and undipped/unsprayed. According to the British Coloured Sheep Breeds Association, the wool from both types of Badger Face is firm and of medium length. Averages: Staple length 7-10 cm, Bradford count 46-56, Micron measurement 37-28, Weight approx 2 kg. We tend to sell our fleeces to hand spinners, knitters, weavers, felters and craftspeople. Samples of our Torwen and Torddu fleeces were sent to the United States to be spun, knitted and photographed by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson for their gorgeous Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook published in 2011.
Products: We sell our Badger Face Welsh Mountain lamb boxes, lambskins, pedigree Berkshire pigs and meat boxes, and we run a number of very popular smallholder courses
Balwen Welsh Mountain
SOUTH YEO FARM EAST: Rare & Traditional Breeds - Gillian Dixon
South Yeo Farm East, Northlew, Okehampton, Devon EX20 3PS
t: 01837 810274
Sheep: main flocks - Balwen Welsh Mountain, Shropshire, & Gotland. Also various other rare/native breeds including: Portland, Norfolk Horn, Poll Dorset, Castlemilk Moorit, Jacob, Zwartbles, & Whiteface Dartmoor.
Products: We keep a variety of rare breeds and sell whole or part raw fleeces, washed & carded wools, balls, cones and hanks of wools (prepared at the Natural Fibre Company in Launceston). As we run introductory courses for smallholders, we also have a variety of other sheep breeds kept for educational purposes on courses days so also have occasional fleeces from these. We can post fleeces or welcome collection from the farm where you can also view the sheep.
Black Welsh Mountain
24 Beach Road, Hele Bay, Ilfracombe, North Devon, EX34 9QZ
t: 01271 865805    m: 07775 501198
Sheep: We have a registered flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep with around 12 breeding ewes and 2 rams, plus lambs. They have a wonderful view overlooking the sea and rolling Devon countryside. The breed average produces a staple length of 8-10cm, with a bradford count of 48-56 or 35-28 microns and a whole fleece would normally weigh 1.25-1.5kg before sorting.
Products: We have a small number of ewe fleeces available which I have roughly sorted into 1st and britch quality. They are a very dark chocolate brown/black colour, the tips of the staples having been naturally bleached in the sun. They can be purchased whole or in smaller batches for felt projects. I also supply local felt artists with some of the britch quality fleece and my mother hand spins small quantities for her own use in knitting projects. We sell the meat locally to friends, family, neighbours, and locals or visitors through direct enquiry.
RUXHILL FARM - Don and Gail Pearce
Ruxhill Farm, Shebbear, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5QR
t: 01409 281457
Sheep: We run a small flock of 30 to 40 Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. The fleece can be spun and used to make Guernsey jumpers. Customers are welcome to contact us direct all year, and we also sell the Wool via eBay seasonally in Spring and Autumn.
Products: Our Wool product name is: Cosy Baa-skets. We use and sell the wool primarily for lining Hanging Baskets, Mangers, Garden containers etc. It is a wonderful insulation for plants, and looks lovely in the hanging baskets as the Fleece has various hues of Dark Brown to Gold having bleached in the sun through the year. It is a slug deterrent around flowers and vegetables, also being a wonderful mulch. Our wool is available all year round.
TREGILLIS FARM - Laura Wallwork
South Petherwin, Launceston, PL15 7LL
t: 01566 782939
Sheep: Organic Black Welsh Mountain flock.
Products: Fleeces available, and spun yarn (by Blacker Yarns) in light aran. Organic tanned hides to order.
Westcott Farm, Oakford, Tiverton, Devon EX16 9EZ
t: 01398 351173
Sheep: We keep the only pure, quality tested flock of Bowmont Merino sheep in the country. Their wool ranges from 14-19 microns and a limited amount is available for a very short time in Jan/Feb each year after shearing.
Products: We also keep 200 top quality, fibre tested Cashmere goats from which we produce gorgeous yarn in 4ply and DK weights. For those who love mohair, we also have a few of these delightful, gentle goats. Their fleece is available twice a year after shearing.
Devon & Cornwall Longwool
BREXWORTHY FARM - Lesley Perrett
Holsworthy Area, Devon
t: 01409241488   m: 07920524891
Sheep: I have Devon & Cornwall Longwools; my fleeces are available all year round, the wool is excellent for rug/mat making, dolls hair, and also spins well for weaving, or knitting.
29 Kells Meend, Berry Hill, Gloucestershire GL167AD
t: 01594 836108  (Best to e-mail)
Sheep: I run a holistic small farm breeding Devon and Cornwall Longwools in Gloucestershire. We use primarily homeopathics and very few medicines on our sheep.
Products: We shear in May each year. Fleeces are available from then. We occasionally have lambs fleeces.
Devon Closewool
COOMBE FARM - Sally Vergette
Coombe Farm, Highampton, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5LJ
t: 01837 810349
Sheep: A small farm on Culm grassland and farmed organically (not SA certified), with a pure bred flock of Devon Closewool sheep (native to North Devon, on the at-risk register).
Very easy hand spinning wool, little carding needed; creamy white wool, 4-6 inch staple, medium/fine, good for the beginner. I also have soft grey brown wool from Black Welsh Mountain/Devon Closewool ewes. I use as much as I can myself but each ewe produces 4-6 kilos of wool so I have some to sell from late June onwards.
Products: I hand spin, dye, knit, and weave kilim type rugs to commission. I also sell some sheepskins, and pure Devon Closewool and black grey Closewool cross sheep.
Dorset Down
RAMPISHAM HILL FARM - David and Ruth Wilkins
Rampisham Hill Farm, Hooke, Beaminster, Dorset, DT8 3PE
t: 01308 862469    m: 07500 508080
Sheep: We are a small farm on the Dorset Downs producing raw and washed fleeces from our Poll Dorset, Dorset Down and Exmoor Horn sheep. We usually have ewe and shearling fleece all year round, and will post at cost price to you. Please see our website for more information.
Exmoor Horn
Carol Mackenzie Gale MA
Rose Cottage, Lower Langham, Dolton,      Winkleigh, Devon EX19 8RQ
t: 01805 804575
Sheep: At the moment I have seven Exmoor Horn Sheep due to be shorn in early June. (5th). The Exmoor Horn wool is, I understand, soft and suitable for spinning, dyeing, weaving, felting etc. My neighbour is also starting a flock. Member of the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders Society.
Also textile designer and printer.
Grey Hollow, Georgenympton Road, South Molton, Devon, EX36 4ER
t: 01237 475047 or 01769 572200
Sheep: We are based near South Molton with a small flock of approx. 50 ewes set up some 20 years ago with a view to producing good weight,  fine wool fleeces from breeds  primarily based on the Exmoor Horn.
Products: We sell ewe and lamb fleeces from breeds which include Exmoorino (Exmoor Horn x Merino/Polwarth), Exmoor Mule and pure Exmoor Horn. (Also available some Romney and Exmoorino x Hampshire fleeces). We shear in early June but may have fleeces available throughout the year. Fleece availability can be found on our web site. All enquiries welcome. 
STANDON FARM - Jenny Thirtle
Standon Farm, Bridestowe, Okehampton, Devon EX20 4ET
t: 01837 861256
Sheep: Gotlands. 
 The Gotland fleeces are excellent for spinning and felting. We can supply raw fleece, washed and carded, sheepskins, delicious meat and also have lambs for sale. Fleeces can be posted or collected. I can also supply lovely felted products.
Well Manor Farm, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1TL
t: 07771 741346 
Sheep: Gotland, Shetland and Pygora. We are a small family run farm on the Surrey Hampshire borders producing fine knitting and weaving yarns from our pedigree flocks of Gotland and Shetland sheep. We only shear our sheep at Christmas to ensure that we obtain the highest quality fibre for our yarns and fleece for hand spinners and weavers. The girls are then housed until the warmer weather comes. Our Pygora herd is in its fourth year and produces the most amazingly soft cloud of fibre, a real treat for hand spinners who want something different.
Products: Gotland washed fleece, tops, raw lambs fleece, hand dyed weaving and knitting yarns, lace, 2ply, DK, and aran. Shetland raw fleece is a range of colours, knitting and weaving lace weight yarn. Gotland Shetland cross raw fleece. Pygora fibre: a limited amount is produced each year, washed and combed.
WELSH WOOL N WINGS - Rebeca Shakespear-Fry
Hen Weirglodd, Llanfor, Bala, LL23 7NR
t: 07816 120677    m: 07816 120677
Sheep: Welsh Wool n Wings home of the Arenig Gotland sheep flock.
Products: High quality Gotland fleece; raw unwashed and washed fleece available for sale; prized by spinners, felters and craft makers together with beautiful tanned pelts. Ewes, ewe lambs, ram lambs and rams also available for sale.
Greyface Dartmoor
Groubear Farm -  Fiona & Jonathan Miles
Groubear Farm, Cruwys Morchard, Withleigh, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8LA
t: 01884 251181
Sheep: We have Greyface Dartmoor sheep, approximately twenty breeding ewes, and we shear them in May/June.
Products: We get the skins tanned for selling, as the lustre wool is different.
Dover, Kent

Products: I have 5 fleeces for sale which have come from my Greyface Dartmoor sheep and 1 Romney fleece. This is a new venture for me as I only bought my sheep last December and they are lovely girls! The GFD fleeces are classed as Lustre and Longwool and traditionally the long curly wool is used for blankets and rugs. The wool is not coloured and has a staple length of 25-30 cms. For more details please email me.
Lower Kitcott, Meshaw, South Molton, Devon EX36 4NE
t: 01769 550520
Sheep: I keep a few Greyface Dartmoor sheep (currently 8 ewes and 3 lambs). Their wool is ideal for rugs and carpets. I usually have some fleece available late May/early June. I will also have some Dartmoor lamb fleece available end of June/early July.
Hampshire Down
Green Farm, Blackwells End, Hartpury, Gloucestershire, GL19 3DB
t: 01452 700048 
Sheep: Our small flock of Hampshire Down sheep is reared on species-rich old pasture in the old orchards on our 15-acre smallholding in West Gloucestershire. This is where Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire meet, a traditional cider and perry pear orchard area called "The Three Counties".
Products: Our small flock of Hampshire Down sheep produce a fine, white fleece with a lovely springy crimp. Raw fleece is available after shearing, usually from late May onwards. We have had a quantity spun into Aran weight knitting yarn by the Natural Fibre Company, and this is available in hanks.
Every year we have a few lambskins available - these are organically prepared by Nikki Port in Herefordshire.
We also produce fine-flavoured lamb and hogget, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids from our pasture-fed Hamps, which we supply locally and nationally via an overnight courier service. Our 'lamb boxes' are insulated with recyclable pure wool ('WoolCool') to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.
w: Facebook - Fulney Hebridean Flock
Etsy store - Fulneyhebrideanwool
t: 07947 650450
Products: Hebridean wool, fleece available from the end of June, spin into 4 ply and DK yarn.
Higher Fingle farm, Crockernwell Exeter, Devon  EX6 6NP
t: 01647 281281   m: 07816952366
Sheep: We have a flock of approx 60 ewes, some pure Hebrideans and some Hebridean cross ewes. Fleeces are available from end of June onwards. All the fleeces are Soil association organic.
The Barn, Tregreenwell, St Teath, Bodmin, Cornwall PL30 3JJ
t: (01208) 850140     m: 0777 329 8495
Products: Jacob fleeces.  Shear in mid - late June usually.  Only have 8 ewes but have contacts if more fleeces required.
59 Portaferry Road, Kircubbin, Newtownards, BT22 2RY
t: 07710090374   m: 07710090374
Sheep: We have a small flock of Jacob Sheep, but on our community we have over 200 Jacob sheep.
Products: Fleeces are currently not used and we are looking to market these.
Compton Castle, Marldon, Paignton, South Devon TQ3 1TA
Sheep: I have had a registered flock of Jacob sheep for twenty seven years. The flock currently consists of 10 ewes and several rams. I breed the sheep for their conformation, clear markings and wool quality.
Products: Jacob raw fleece: my Jacob sheep are normally shorn by the end of May. A ram's fleece won the Jacob Sheep Society SW Wool Cup this year. The fleeces are sorted at shearing. Some years, fleeces go to The Natural Fibre Company to be made into throws in their share scheme. Also sheepskins and Jacob woven goods.
GOETRE BACH FARM - Roz Tartaglia
Goetre Bach Farm, above Rhydyfro, Baran Road, SA8 4RU
t: 01792865307
Products: Raw fleece only - mostly Jacob with small amount of Balwen and Badger.
HALSBURY BARTON - Charlotte and Christopher Slee
Halsbury Barton, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, Devon, EX39 5EN
t: 01237 451269   m: 07812681094 
Products: Halsbury Barton produces luxurious woollen products including throws, cushions and scarves with the natural colours from our prize winning flock of Jacob Sheep. Please visit our website for more information.
Rosemary Cottage, North Bovey, Devon TQ13 8RA

Sheep: My sheep are pedigree Jacob. The wool is of a fine quality sometimes in wool competitions doing as well as Shetlands. I have approx 20 breeding ewes. They are very hardy      sheep living out all year on the edge of Dartmoor. I lamb in March, breeding my own ewe replacements. Rams are bought in from good wool producing stock.
Products: My wool is always in demand by handspinners.
HUXTABLE FARM - Jackie Payne
Huxtable Farm, West Buckland, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 0SR
t and f: 01598 760254
Sheep: We run a farmhouse B&B on an 80 acre farm near Exmoor. We have Jacob sheep and a few Texel's; lambing time, around March/April, is very popular with our visitors. As a wool producer we have about 70 Jacob ewes, 4 rams plus this year's lambs, and 5 Texel ewes and 1 Texel ram. The sheep were shorn on the 17/5/11 so I have fleeces to sell now.
Products: We sell fleeces, washed and carded batons of wool, hand spun and machine spun Jacob yarn, knitted, woven and felted Jacob wool products. Using some of the wool myself I spin, knit and felt our Jacob wool to produce articles to sell (gloves, berets, scarves, cushions, jewellery etc.) I've also had some fleeces machine spun into beautifully soft yarn, of the natural colours of the Jacobs fleece to produce cream, dark brown and grey skeins of yarn to sell. Some fleeces have also been woven so that I also have throws, knee rugs, scarves and cushions made using the natural colours of the Jacob fleece to sell.
SPARNHAM FARM - C. Fisher & A. Tweedie
Ashburton area, Devon
Sheep: We currently keep a small flock of 12 Pedigree Jacob ewes and also a couple of registered Kerry Hill ewes. We have our own stock rams and lamb early in the year around Jan/Feb as we are keen on showing both the Jacobs and the Kerry Hills. 
 We aim to shear around June/July but fleece may be available at other times of the year, enquiries welcome- email via the website.
Tor Grove Farm, Rix Hill, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9EQ
t: 01822 612108
Products: I produce hand dyed pure Jacob wool from our small flock of pedigree Jacob sheep. The fleeces are professionally spun for us by the Natural Fibre Company in Launceston, I then overdye the natural mid-grey colour to produce a range of rich, heathery coloured yarns. At present these are available in D K weight and wound into 100g balls ready to knit. Jacob wool is a joy to knit with, washes well and is very warm. Please contact me for colours, samples, prices etc.
West Drumrae Farm, Whithorn, Wigtownshire DG8 8DU
t: 01988 700518
Sheep: We have a small flock of Jacob sheep.
Products: The fleeces are sorted and skirted before selling and are available from around the beginning of July each year. Although I handspin and weave myself, some of the fleeces are sent away to be commercially spun to be sold as knitting yarn.
Kerry Hill
Wybunbury Lane Farm, Wybunbury Lane, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 7HD
m: 07818 139595
Sheep: I have a small pedigree registered flock of Kerry Hill sheep, around 50 in total.
Products: The fleece is white and beautifully dense. The wool is untreated. I have lambs fleeces and adult fleeces, the show stock is sheared in Jan/Feb and the rest are sheared in June so the wool is available all year round. I do still have some fleeces from 2012. I sometimes have breeding stock for sale. I also sell Kerry Hill lamb at farmers markets and via the website, it's a beautiful tender meat, low fat and low in cholesterol.
Manx Loaghtan
BARTLEY MILL FARM - Juanita Rogers
Bartley Mill Farm, Lamberhurst, Kent TN3 8BH
t: 01892 891020    m: 07588 963396
We are an organic farm, so all our wool is certified organic by the Soil Association.
Products: Manx Loaghtan fleeces. I am also about to list our wool in batches of 400g on Ebay.
Beilidu, Pentrebach, Brecon, Powys LD3 8UB
t: 01874 636664
Sheep: The Beilidu flock is made up of rare breed Manx Loaghtan sheep, bred mainly for their fleeces. The flock has been established for over 25 years just outside Sennybridge near Brecon in mid-Wales.
Products: The Beilidu website offers fleece from the flock in various forms - from raw fleece through rovings and carded batts to finished yarns and hand-knitted items. Beilidu Manx Loaghtan yarn is spun by hand and is normally supplied as skeins. Yarn can be spun to meet individual needs, and is normally spun 'to order'. The wool reflects the natural colours of the sheep in the flock. Most of the Beilidu flock have dark brown fleeces with golden tips, but the wool becomes a paler brown or silver-gray as the animals age.
MELBURY FARM - Mrs Sue Gotting
Melbury Farm, Badgers Cross Lane, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7JF
t: 01458 274180
Sheep: Keeper of Manx Loaghtan sheep, approx. 20 plus lambs Usually shear July/ August (Short staple) Also Wensleydale and Dorset X Manx Loaghtan fleece sometimes available (Long staple).
The Sheldon Centre, Dunsford, Exeter
t: 01647 252752
Products: Raw Manx Loaghtan fleece available - £1.50 / 500g + p&p. Soft, fine, dark brown with sun-bleached tips. Ideal for woollen spinning or felting. Each fleece between 1-2kg in weight. Produced by our small flock of 10 ewes and followers living the life of Riley at a retreat centre on the edge of Dartmoor! Breeding stock sometimes available.
Norfolk Horn
Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm Park, Cholderton, Amesbury Road, Salisbury, SP4 0EW
t: 01980629438
Products: We are a Rare Breeds Farm Park in Wiltshire, with a flock of 27 sheep. Our rare sheep breed fleeces are for sale and ready now. Mainly Norfolk Horn, but also someCastlemilk Moorit, Manx Loaghtan and Balwen. Also a few Hebridean fleeces available.
North Ronaldsay
6 Newhouse Road, Bovingdon, Herts, HP3 0EJ
t: 01442 300376    m: 07903733484 
Products: North Ronaldsay fleece and yarn
Near Moretonhampstead, Devon
t: 01647 441201
I breed North Ronaldsay sheep.
Products: Fleeces available end of May onwards. Many natural colours. Lovely for spinning, weaving etc.
Poll Dorset
GULLIFORD FARM - Julie & Geoff Broom
Gulliford Farm, Mamhead, Kenton, Nr Exeter, Devon EX6 8HH
t: 01626 862343    m: 07828 456023
Sheep: We have a flock of Poll Dorset and a flock of Zwartbles
Products: Our sheep are generally shorn in April/May (weather permitting) and the fleeces are available throughout the year. You can either have a whole fleece or half fleece. If you are a hobbyist or spinner and interested in purchasing a fleece please contact us either through email or on the above tel nos..

Sheep: We have a flock 9 Portland sheep and run our boy lambs for a year to a decent weight before sending them off for meat and skins.
Products: The boys this year will be shorn 6 weeks before they go off so we will have 5 first shear fleeces for sale. The remainder of the flock will be shorn in June/July.
Near Banbury, Oxon
m: 07708 362865
Sheep: We have a flock of 28 Portland sheep.
Products: We produce beautifully spun scarves, throws, knee rugs and cushions. The next batch will be available Dec 2013 or Jan 2014. Each year we are able to sell a few hand selected fleeces from the previous years lambs. These are great for hand spinners.
HIGHER BRIDGE FARM - Roger & Angela Doughty
Higher Bridge Farm, Lapford, Crediton, EX17 6AE
t: 01363 83281
Sheep: We have kept Romneys at Lapford since the mid 1980s and have been members of the British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association for many years. About one third of our flock of 90 are natural coloured. Most of the ewes are traditional Romney Marsh, but recently we have introduced New Zealand genes from flocks in Sussex and Kent.
Products: Romney wool is highly prized by handspinners and knitters for its versatility and ease of use, even by beginners... no need to card the fleece as it just spins from the soft crimpy locks. Many of the coloured fleeces have shades ranging from pale grey to near black in the same fleece, making it possible to get a varied range of coloured and dyed hues from a few kilos of wool.
We sell raw fleece, sorted to remove coarse, matted and dirty areas, so everything you get can be used. Happy craft people from Cornwall to northern Scotland use our Romney fleece; we price parcels by weight of sorted wool, or if you wish, we can supply whole fleeces at lower cost.
The flock is shorn at housing, in early January, to minimise contamination, reduce stress and enable us to check on the ewes' condition as they enter the last two months of pregnancy. As a      result, we can offer fleeces from all ages of sheep, ewes, rams and the previous year's eight month old lambs.
We sell fleece at local Spinners' Guilds open days in June and July, and at Fibrefest in August, but if you want the greatest choice, please get in touch early in the year, so that you can visit us, or we can send you samples. Make an appointment to visit the farm and see our flock...we usually have breeding animals for sale.
Bullimore Farm, Frog Lane, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 4PP
t: 01749 340800
Sheep: I have for sale raw coloured Ryeland fleeces from my Foxcombe flock of 15 ewes and I have breeding stock for sale.
Manor Farm, Doulting, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. BA4 4QG
t: 01749 880759    m: 07966 975786
Sheep: I have a small flock of Coloured Ryeland Sheep.
Products: I currently have 3 adult sheep and 2 shearling fleeces available. All fleeces are raw, unwashed and un-dipped. Very good quality fleece for variety of uses. The coloured fleece is particularly beautiful, ranging in hues of bitter chocolate and coffee to greys and toffee colour tips... not dissimilar to some Shetland in colouration. It is a dense fine fibre and easy to spin and felt.
South Hole Farm, Little Torrington, Devon EX38 8QS
t: 01805 623152    m: 07817 331241
Sheep: North Devon Pedigree Ryeland Wool Producer. We have a flock of around 50 white Ryeland sheep, and currently a very small number of Coloured Ryelands. The Ryeland is an ancient breed, originating in the Herefordshire/Shropshire borders, and produces a fine Downland wool.
An average fleece might weigh between 2 -3 kg, with a staple length of 8-10cm, and a Bradford Count of 56-58. Our fleeces frequently win prizes at local Devon shows.
Low Sutton, Sutton Lane, Masham, North Yorkshire HG4 4PB
t: 01765 688565    m: 07821600521
Products: We have a flock of Ryeland sheep from which the fleeces are processed into wool and mainly sold as knitting kits. We also source small flocks of special breeds of sheep in the Dales, Moors and Wolds of Yorkshire and have them processed into wool for selling in a few selective outlets and online at
STEMBRIDGE COLOURED RYELANDS - Stephen Rowe and Liz Saunders
Rainbow Place, Stembridge, Somerset.
t: 01460241126   m: 07917714756
Products: Oxford Down and Coloured Ryeland fleeces. The Ryeland ranges from silver through to brown and black, kemp free and non felting. Available now as we only use a few for peg looming.
East of Kendal, on the Cumbria & Yorkshire Dales border 
m: 07884311189
Sheep: We have a smallholding on which we have small flocks of Ryeland (white)and coloured Ryeland (shades of brown and grey) sheep.
Products: Ryeland and coloured Ryeland fleeces. The wool is soft, springy and dense and of superb quality ideal for hand spinning.
Nut Tree Cottage, Lower Chicksgrove, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6NB
t: 01722 714382   m: 07902 226603 
Sheep: We run a pedigree flock of Shetland sheep, renowned for their fleece. We shear towards the end of May and fleeces are available thereafter.
Products: All of the fleeces are of natural colours, neither bleached nor dyed. Some of our fleeces are commercially spun and sold in 50 gram balls and some are sold to hand spinners. Some yarn is knitted into garments for sale. We sell meat and tanned skins from our ram lambs. Ewes, Shearlings and Lambs from our prize winning flock are for sale. Approved rams are also for sale. In addition to our sheep enterprise we run a herd of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus cattle. Our beef, grass fed and slowly reared, is highly appreciated and our customers return again and again.
ASHBY SHETLANDS - Lynne and David White
15 Cross Lane, Braunston, Northants NN11 7HH
t: 01788 890865
Products: Whole fleeces from our prize winning flock of Shetland Sheep - blade shorn.
Coloured fleece - all shades of grey, fawn, brown and black. Skirted and selected for handspinning. £10.00 per fleece (approx 2-3 lbs) plus postage and packaging.
We usually have 20 good spinning fleeces each year - call or e mail for details.
Spring Holton Farm, East Chinnock, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 9ES
t: 07807 907280
Sheep: Breeders of top quality Shetland Sheep consistently producing highly regarded prizewinning fleeces.
Products: We sell raw fleeces, knitting wool including beautifully fine worsted in three colours - golden fawn, soft grey and rich cream. Children's knitwear is available including Fair Isle patterns and in a variety of Aran and modern designs. Any knitwear can also be made to order.
Leigh Barton, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 8PL
t: 01822 870492    m: 07713744259
Sheep: We have a flock of pedigree Shetland producing meat and wool. Our sheep are white, black, moorit, fawn, shades of grey and spotted.
Products: Fleece - the raw fleece is usually available from June each year. The ram lambs produce meat and sheepskin rugs. Small numbers of Ewes, Shearlings and Lambs as well as Approved Rams are for sale.
We also run a herd of Exmoor ponies on the farm and occasionally have ponies for sale as well.
Home Farm, Stoney Stratton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6EA
t: 01749 831182
Sheep: A flock of 25 Shetland breeding ewes in Somerset.
Products: Specialist in black and moorit colours. Bred to like colour rams for generations. Fineness and length is a priority. Micron tests on ewes and rams given on request. Fleeces available in summer and autumn. £5 to £7 a fleece according to quantity and quality. Discount for bulk buy.
4, Longnewton, GIFFORD, East Lothian EH41 4JW
m: 07519 871 417
Sheep: We run a flock of about 60 Shetland sheep split about 50/50 between white and coloured animals, based on the edge of the Lammermuir Hills in East Lothian.
Products: Shearing is usually in mid-June with raw fleece (unwashed and undipped) available immediately in a range of colours. Some fleeces are sent for commercial spinning down South with spun wool (double-knitting type weight) returned and available in 100g hanks in natural colours (white, fawn, brown, dark brown/black and sometimes grey). If you interested in any fleeces, please let me know before or in June each year so I can keep fleeces back for you (as we have to get all fleeces off to the mill before the house fills up). Always worth checking through. The spun wool from each year's clip seems to come back around December.  If you contact me by email in the first instance, that would be best as mobile reception often patchy.
MALLOWS FLOCK - Miss L.A. Williams
Shepton Mallet, Somerset
t: 01749 344490    m: 07935 720614
Sheep: Producer of Katmoget, Grey, Black, Moorit Shetlands and Shetland fleece as well as Shetland x Charollais fleeces and lambs (creamy fleece but fine Shetlandy type wool) as well as Mule and Texel fleeces. I also have surplus stock for sale regularly.
MOORIT MIX - Bridie Pursey
Avalon, Elphin, Sutherland, Highland, IV27 4HH
t: 01854 666204
Sheep: We have a flock of Shetland sheep and can provide a range of naturally-coloured fleeces to you. We also sell some lambs.
Products: I am a hand-spinner, and can send you hanks (about 90 grams each) of homespun wool: chunky gauge, in many natural moorit shades.
Hannaford Old House, Poundsgate, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 7NX
t: 01364 631287
Sheep: Small holding on Dartmoor breeding Shetland sheep for wool and meat.
Products: Shetland raw fleeces available from June in white and Shetland colours. Also meat for your freezer jointed, bagged and labelled - June and November, very limited quantities. I also breed Dartmoor ponies and I am also a printmaker/book binder/book artist.
SHEEPLINES - Valerie Bloom
Higher Southbrook Farm, Southbrook Lane,
Whimple, Exeter, Devon EX5 2PG
t: 01404 823000
Sheep: Pedigree Shetland sheep (approx. 50) - fleece available from June annually.
Fleece, wool, hand knits - sweaters, hats, socks, scarves, toys. Manufactured pure Shetland wool throws, knee rugs, scarves, sheepskin rugs.
TAWNY FARM - Claire Thompson
West Wellow, Hants SO51 6DX
m: 07900 212703
Products: We have a small selection of beautifully coloured Shetland fleeces and whiteDorset fleeces available now.
Sherborne, Dorset
t: 01935 815854
Sheep: 20 Shropshire and Shropshire cross ewes. I am a wool producer myself as well as a spinner and felter. Most of this year's (2011) fleeces have been sold, although a few Shropshire and Shropshire cross fleeces left. Will have more wool available June 2012.
I am also looking for somebody who could spin my Shropshire fleece for me.
WESTVALE WOOLS - Tessa and Ray Franklin
Higher Hill Farm, Kilve, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1SR
t: 01278 741255
Sheep: We have a flock of Pedigree Teeswater and Kerry Hill sheep. Fleeces available from both breeds and their crosses for home spinners or wool crafts.
Products: We also have Teeswater fleece processed professionally into beautiful yarn for knitting or weaving. The yarn is available undyed or hand dyed here on the farm.
Torcroft, Commons Lane, Shaldon, Devon TQ14 0HN
t: 01626872189 m: 07747016220
Sheep: I produce small quantities of Texel, Texel Mule, Dorset, and Coloured Ryeland.
Ford Barton Farm Ltd, Ford, Barton, Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon EX16 9PP
t: 01398 351139
Sheep: Ford Barton Farm is the home of 250 breeding Wensleydale ewes. Most are white but we have about 30 black and various shades of grey/black. We farm organically and can offer fleeces from May onwards depending on the weather for shearing and in September we shear the lambs.
Products: We do have some scoured wool and will also be offering spun yarn. We also dye wool using plant and vegetable dyes from the season.
Whiteface Dartmoor
T. DAUNCEY - Tanya Dauncey
Crossgate Farm, St.Giles-on-the-Heath, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9SX
t: 01566 776495    m: 07859815043
Sheep: White Face Dartmoor
Products: 12 pedigree, White Face Dartmoor fleeces to be available from June 2013.
DEER PARK FARM - Audrey Compton
Deer Park Farm, Chudleigh, Devon TQ130NH
t: 01626 852 775
Sheep: Deer Park Farm is in the steep, but beautiful Teign Valley, on the eastern edge of Dartmoor. We have about 100 sheep, mainly Whiteface Dartmoors, which produce a good quality lustrous wool. We cross some of the ewes with a Lleyn ram, so we also have fleeces which are good for felting. Products: We are happy to sell individual fleeces and usually have them in stock between June and October. If possible, order early, as we have limited storage space and have to sell our wool before the stock come inside! Email or ring me, Audrey Compton, for more information.
LOCKS PARK FARM - Paula Wolton
Locks Park Farm Hatherleigh Okehampton Devon EX20 3LZ
t: 01837 810416
follow me on twitter: @farmerpaula
Sheep: Locks Park is a small 85 acre organic (SA certified) farm on the Culm; a County Wildlife Site also in Higher Level Stewardship. Here I run a small closed flock of pedigree registered Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep - one of Britain’s most ancient breeds, indigenous to Dartmoor and currently on the RBS ‘Critical’ list. I serve on the Council of the Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association who work hard to ensure this historic breed’s survival into the future.
The Whiteface is known for its massive, strong, creamy-white lustrous fleece. The average weight of a fleece is 6-9 kg though weights of 15kg have been recorded! The staple length is 20.5-30.5cm with fibre dimensions of 36-40 microns (spinning counts 32s-40s). If you are looking for shine, length and strength in your wool with a fibre that will take colour clearly and brightly then Whiteface wool is for you. My main clip is available from June and softer lambs’ wool from late August/September. Fleeces can be posted or couriered to you. 
 We sell organic Whiteface Dartmoor lamb boxes, organic matured Red Ruby beef boxes and luxurious organic lambskins. Pedigree, registered, organic Whiteface Dartmoor sheep & Red Ruby cattle breeding stock are available. We run educational days, for example - farming & wildlife, the Clum - its plants & wildlife, hedges & hedgerow management, farming in harmony with the landscape etc. These have proved very popular with schools & a variety of different groups. We welcome your enquiries.
GROUND KARE SERVICES - Graham & Kathy Smith
t: 01837 680064
Acres, Broadwoodkelly, Winkleigh Devon EX19 8ED
m: 07967 304051 or 07974 910895
Sheep: We keep a flock of around 60 breeding ewes plus about 10 shearlings and 4 rams, of ZWARTBLES. We usually have them shorn around June/July time. Up till now we have never sold to the Wool Board (they didn't want it because of the colour) which is black fading out to chocolate brown on the surface.
Products: It makes a very good garden mulch, acting as a weed mat, then slowly decomposing into the soil. Our plants do very well on it but at each clip we have about 65-70 fleeces and a not very big garden! Felts down nicely for garden paths as well. Anyone interested? We would even deliver within reasonable distance.
Great Down , South Zeal, Okehampton EX20 2JL
t: 01837 840091
Sheep: A small flock of Zwartbles-  currently I have seven ewes between 3 and 6 years old, a three year old ram, six shearling gimmers and two shearling rams as well as a selection of ewe lambs which I will keep. I have a couple of Poll Dorset cross Zwartbles ewe lambs which will be shorn next year.
Products: I am looking to sell the fleeces to interested parties.
Silverton, Exeter, Devon EX5 4DF
t: 0785 903 2431
Sheep: ZwarblesDorset and Jacob fleeces I am a smallholder just outside Silverton and have the above sheep, all hand tame!! Fleeces are raw and ready now (July) as all sheared.

The following information was found on The Wool Directory
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Preparing Fleece To Sell
Woolfest have produced a leaflet describing how to present your fleece in the best way to attract buyers. It contains information about skirting the fleece, removing dags, and storing the fleeces.
The Natural Fibre Company has guidance notes about shearing and quality of fleeces.

Washing Fleece
There are several good tutorials on the internet about how to wash fleece.
Here's a few: - leaflets about washing and sorting fleece

Health and Safety Precautions
Even if a fleece looks clean, it may contain dirt, grease, faeces, urine, and chemicals. Always wear gloves when handling raw (unwashed) fleece. Always wash your hands thoroughly after touching any fleece. Never store fleece near foodstuffs or where children can handle it.
The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers discourages the use of raw fleece at public demonstrations or workshops. In public situations, place signs warning the public not to touch the fleece and to wash their hands thoroughly before eating.

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